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RedTeam Software releases app for subcontractor collaboration

August 27, 2019By

RedTeam Software, a cloud-based construction management software provider unveiled its new app TeamPlayer to make collaborating with subcontractors easier. TeamPlayer facilitates subcontractor collaboration by making it easier for all team members to access and respond to critical documents and transactions, resulting in more efficient communication, reduced risk, greater accountability, increased compliance and an overall improved subcontract relationship, according to the... read more

Web Extra: Sample Subcontractor Contracts

August 4, 2016By

In the August 2016 issue, LM associate editor Dillon Stewart wrote about how quality, detailed contracts can protect contractors from the liability and risks associated with hiring subcontractors. Snow Management Services shared the following sample contract that you can adapt to create your own stock contract: Snow Management Service Sample Subcontractor Contract Use this stock contract to save time and create uniformity, but as discussed in... read more

February 2014 Web Extra: ‘How We SERV’

February 24, 2014By

Landscape industry subcontracting guru Terry Delany of Fayetteville, Ark.-based GroundSERV, who was featured in the February 2014 “1-Minute Mentor” department, attributes part of his company’s success to its commitment to helping subcontractors (aka “strategic partners”) make money. “The minute you start investing in (subcontractors), the profit will come naturally to you,” says Delany, whose business outsources all of its production... read more

1-Minute Mentor: Terry Delany

February 10, 2014By

Owner, GroundSERV, Fayetteville, Ark. Who’s your mentor? (Green Industry consultant) Bill Arman. He taught me the importance of building a great culture. I used to rule things with an iron fist and be a mean dude. I felt I had to have a hand in everything and it just about killed me. That really changed when I started talking to... read more

Project Portfolio: Building Community

April 11, 2012By

Provide beautiful, meditative and functional outdoor spaces to help a community center better serve its members. As one of nearly 100 subcontractors on this $33 million project, the DeSantis Landscape team was continually faced with coordination, scheduling and logistics challenges. But as President Dean DeSantis notes, “We are proud to say that we have become the general contractor’s landscape contractor... read more

10 steps to success with subcontractors

October 1, 2001By

There is no quick and easy way to have successful, profitable relationships with subcontractors. Building such relationships is one of the headaches of the landscape and irrigation business. It's hard but not impossible. read more