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What you should know about white grubs

March 22, 2019By

Aside from knowing that white grubs wreak havoc on lawns, there’s a lot to learn about these little larvae. read more

Properly identify brown patch

March 8, 2019By
Photo: Lane Tredway

Brown spots on lawns can appear due to a variety of turf pests and diseases, but a common culprit is brown patch. Experts offer their tips for properly identifying and treating the disease. read more

Syngenta reveals Manuscript herbicide

October 12, 2018By

Syngenta launched a new herbicide called Manuscript. It’s designed to provide postemergence control of weeds, such as crabgrass and dallisgrass, in certain warm-season turf species on residential and commercial lawns, according to the company. “Manuscript provides lawn care operators with a needed solution for controlling large grassy weeds, while also being easy to use,” said Lane Tredway, Ph.D., technical services... read more

What’s new with fungicides?

July 18, 2018By
Man spraying fungicide

For many lawn care operators (LCOs), fungicide applications are an add-on service for their customers battling turf diseases. It’s important for LCOs to stay up to speed on new products, regulations and customer expectations to ensure they are using the right products as efficiently as possible. “The fungicide market is always changing—and for numerous reasons,” says Paul Giordano, a Bayer... read more

Syngenta: Meridian insecticide

July 10, 2018By

Meridian® 0.33G and Meridian 25WG insecticides from Syngenta are powered by the active ingredient thiamethoxam to provide contact and systemic control of insects like chinch bugs and grubs. With a wide application window, Meridian offers flexible, preventive control without needing to be watered-in for up to seven days after application. Tank mixing Meridian 25WG with Acelepryn® insecticide can provide extended... read more

Syngenta: Acelepryn Insecticide

April 25, 2018By

One application of Acelepryn® insecticide (April – mid-June) provides season-long control of white grubs, billbugs and surface-feeders like turf caterpillars. Acelepryn also controls chinch bugs and fall armyworms, and can be applied to trees, shrubs and ornamentals to help control landscape pests like Japanese beetles, webworms, lace bugs and aphids. Its environmental profile has little-to-no impact on beneficial and non-targeted... read more