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Are those brown spots on the turf caused by billbugs or another pest?

April 28, 2023By
Hunting billbugs, found in warm-season turf, can overwinter as both larvae and adults which makes controlling them that much harder. (Photo: Syngenta)

When scouting, learn to make an accurate diagnosis and save valuable time and resources. read more

People in the news: Promotions, hirings and award winners from Syngenta, Landscape Workshop, Davey Tree and more

April 25, 2023By

The latest green industry hirings and promotions from Landscape Workshop, Syngenta, PBI-Gordon, Felling Trailers and more. read more

Syngenta’s new warm-season turf herbicide controls more than 40 weeds

April 17, 2023By

Syngenta said Recongnition herbicide is suited for broadcast applications and is an alternative to burndown herbicides. read more

Syngenta expands its label for Manuscript herbicide

April 12, 2023By

Postemergent weed control now labeled for use on cool-season turf for control of ryegrass, foxtails and more. read more

Stay a step ahead of herbicide resistance in crabgrass and goosegrass

March 7, 2023By
Fertility management, combined with disease and insect control are keys to keep crabgrass at bay. (Photo: Syngenta)

With few active ingredients for crabgrass and goosegrass control, learn what you can do to keep them in your arsenal as long as possible. read more

Successful strategies to win the battle against dallisgrass

January 3, 2023By
Dallisgrass is commonly mistaken for crabgrass. An easy way to tell the difference is the weed’s height, with dallisgrass being taller of the two. (Photo courtesy of PBI Gordon Corp.)

Industry pros share some keys to success which will allow you to gain the upper hand on this aggressive warm-season weed. read more