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Syngenta: Barricade Herbicide

November 6, 2016By
Syngenta: Barricade Herbicide

Barricade® herbicide from Syngenta offers you a guaranteed crabgrass control program. A single fall application will control next season’s crabgrass, providing you maximum application flexibility. Its low solubility and volatility means it stays in the weed germination zone and will not break down, even after heavy rain or snow. As a result, you can spread out your workload to make... read more

Syngenta to open GreenTrust 365 Lawn & Landscape program in October

September 30, 2016By

Syngenta will kick off its GreenTrust 365 Lawn and Landscape program Oct. 1. The annual program offers lawn and landscape professionals rebates, the Barricade herbicide brand bonus, a pallet solution, product assurances, multipaks and GreenTrust rewards—a new offering for 2017. For every dollar spent on qualifying products during the early order period, Oct. 1 to Feb. 28, GreenTrust 365 participants can earn... read more

Syngenta: Tenacity herbicide

September 2, 2016By

Tenacity herbicide selectively controls 46 tenacious weeds and grasses pre-and post-emergence and is the broadest spectrum herbicide available for use at seeding. Once applied, Tenacity translocates throughout the weed and terminates growth within two to three weeks. Soon after application, photosynthesis is disrupted in the weeds and they stop competing with the desirable turf. In this way, Tenacity can help... read more

Syngenta: Headway G fungicide

July 18, 2016By

Headway G fungicide features the power of two industry-leading active ingredients that take the guesswork out of disease control, helping control more than 25 turf diseases for up to 28 days. It provides the effectiveness of a spray with the convenience of a granular because of its highly soluble, DG Lite Carrier. The lightweight carrier can be spread over a... read more

Project EverGreen renovates 2 North Carolina parks

April 18, 2016By

Project EverGreen updated parks in Greensboro and Durham, N.C. Part of the organization’s “Healthy Turf. Healthy Kids.” initiative, the updated parks in North Carolina are three of about a dozen projects scheduled for 2016. “Parks, sports fields and recreational play areas are vital to healthy, thriving communities,” said Cindy Code, executive director of Project EverGreen. “Our mission is to preserve and enhance green... read more

Syngenta extends mosquito management program

April 6, 2016By

Syngenta extended its SecureChoice Mosquito Assurance Program until November. Unlike other services that offer 21-day or 30-day mosquito control, the SecureChoice Mosquito Assurance Program provides control for up to 60 days, Syngenta said. With the combination of Demand CS insecticide and Archer insect growth regulator, this treatment can help reduce mosquito populations around customers’ properties for nearly three times as long,... read more