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Target Specialty Products intros Turf Fuel Element 6

May 15, 2019By

Target Specialty Products introduced Turf Fuel Element 6, the flagship product in the Turf Fuel nutritional product line. “Element 6 was designed to be the go-to product for turf managers seeking the highest turf quality in challenging environmental conditions,” said Mark Jull, head of Turf Fuel products’ division, at Target Specialty Products. “Target Specialty Products’ customers and technical sales representatives... read more

Target Specialty Product introduces Nutrifense

March 28, 2019By

Target Specialty Products introduced Nutrifense technology, a proprietary ingredient that will enhance turf quality and performance, especially through periods of stress. The technology is included in three of Turf Fuel’s foliar products — Element 6, Photo Fuel and Respo Fuel — in addition to other Turf Fuel G golf materials. “Nutrifense is an umbrella technology that includes the latest plant... read more

Target Specialty Products expands Turf Fuel lineup

February 7, 2019By

Target Specialty Products added Turf Fuel MZ-23, a product designed for turf professionals to strengthen plants and turf’s overall performance. read more

Target Specialty Products launches Turf Fuel Root Down

January 25, 2019By

Turf Fuel Root Down is a product for turf professionals to strengthen plants, fight sodium and bicarbonates and enhance turf color. Launched by Target Specialty Products, the product will be available in February 2019. The Root Down 18-0-0 is a combination of acidified nitrogen, micronutrients and a strategic amount of surfactant. It is designed to be applied as a routine... read more

Target Specialty Products: Turf Fuel’s XChange

November 21, 2018By

Turf Fuel’s XChange is a high carbon blend of university proven biostimulants to bring the best out of your soil, turf and landscape plants. XChange’s humic acid gives your landscape access to otherwise unavailable soil nutrients while shielding plants from sodium damage. The high carbon load in XChange brings your soil to life by delivering key food supplies to microorganisms.... read more

A new way to fertilize

November 14, 2018By
LCO fertilizing a home's front yard (Photo: Koch Industries)

David Helt says there is a clear difference between the “old” and “new” ways lawn care operators (LCOs) can manage their fertilizer applications. “The old way of fertilizer application is based on a premise that the customer correlates value with the number of visits—if they don’t see you out there, they think your service is poor, regardless of the quality,”... read more