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How to prep for tax season

December 2, 2019By
Tax files (Photo: iStock.com/gollykim)

Filing taxes. No one really likes it, but, year after year, it’s an unavoidable task. For landscape business owners, being prepared with the right information and a savvy adviser can lessen the stress of tax season. Dan Gordon, CPA and owner of Turf Books, a green industry accounting and bookkeeping firm based in Newton, N.J., says it’s a good idea... read more

Section 199A: Tax reform’s gift to small businesses

November 15, 2019By
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Section 199A, passed as part of the December 2017 tax reform, gives many small business owners a deduction determined with respect to their qualified business income (QBI). Generally, QBI is domestic income from a trade or business received by a sole proprietor or by an individual from a flow-through business (a partnership, LLC, S corporation, trust or estate). Why would... read more