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Business Basics: Minimizing your taxes now

December 1, 2015By

While tax prep season doesn’t begin for many people until late January, now is the time to reduce your 2015 tax; waiting until 2016 is really just reacting. There’s no significant increase in marginal rates on the horizon, which makes planning easier. But hold on. The section 179 accelerated write-off for certain assets has again been reset to a maximum... read more

Be a tax master

November 7, 2014By

Jan. 1 marked the end of a popular tax reduction tool, the Section 179 deduction, which expired under the American Tax Relief Act of 2012 (ATRA). The Section 179 deduction allowed small businesses to expense some assets in the year of purchase, rather than having to depreciate the purchase over its useful life. Those assets included equipment, vehicles, software, furniture... read more

What if I get audited?

October 11, 2013By

All land care professionals need to maintain accurate financial records. The most obvious reasons for doing so is to assess the results of operations against past periods, analyze current budgets or to formulate future projections. Moreover, for ownership and management, this is an internal need to monitor and improve the business. Yet there’s an external partner in your business needing... read more

Choose a good accountant

February 22, 2013By

A good number cruncher is vital to your financial success. Should yours be an inside employee or an outside professional? Many small business owners don’t consider selecting an accountant to be a very important business decision. That can be a crucial mistake. I can tell you many stories in which my clients didn’t have the right accountant—and others in which... read more