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Communication Coach: Train your mind to create the future

April 15, 2020By

Some of the greatest businesses were started during cataclysmic times like this. You could say that the universe is reshuffling the deck. This creates gaps that become opportunities for making people’s lives better. This is your opening for … Starting a business Restarting a business, division, or product line Reinventing your business Buying a business Recruiting to fill current openings... read more

Grow with Grunder: Focus on your people first

March 22, 2019By
Person organizing calendar (Photo:

I am just back from Grow! 2019, the annual conference I lead for ambitious landscape pros. This year, we were fortunate to have Eric Chester — a leading expert on driving performance in the workplace — deliver the keynote address. An endlessly entertaining speaker, Eric had us leaning in to listen, learn and laugh about all the ways we should... read more

Build a leadership super team

November 8, 2017By
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Learn the three primary components you need to achieve a high-profit culture. To build your leadership super team and achieve a high-profit culture in your company, you need three key components in place and fully operational. 1. Cohesive conflict is critical. First, to build a super team, you need super leaders. Specifically, you need them in the roles of sales,... read more

Keeping promises

January 6, 2017By

Two partners prove cooperation and alignment go a long way toward a successful landscape business. We weren’t businessmen,” Gordon Denmark says. “We’re still not!” Bill Henkel adds. They are family men who saw an opportunity: the chance to create a company on the values they believed in and strategies they knew could work. Seventeen years later, their company, Henkel Denmark... read more

Editor’s Note: Family matters

December 12, 2016By

I must have looked like I was preparing a thesis on Patrick Lencioni last week, as I walked out of the library with a stack of the author’s books in my arms. You see, during Phil Harwood’s workshop at the fifth annual LM Lawn Care Forum in Orlando, Fla., last month, I pulled up my local library’s app and placed... read more

High Performance: Business lessons from hockey

October 25, 2016By

Growing up playing hockey, it has been my experience that there are two types of players. There are those who tend to look for their teammates to set up a nice play. These unselfish players are not seeking the limelight. Instead, they are seeking to give the limelight to someone else by passing the puck. Invariably, the puck comes right... read more