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The Andersons: Humic DG CharX

May 11, 2020By

Humic DG CharX is a 50/50 blend of humic acid and biochar in a dust-free, spherical, and dispersible granule. The Andersons Dispersible Granule (DG) technology disperses into hundreds of thousands of small particles of humic acid and biochar after being exposed to water. The list of benefits that can be derived from using biochar is very similar to humic acid... read more

The Andersons: 22-0-4 Fertilizer

April 9, 2020By
Photo: The Andersons

22-0-4 Fertilizer with HCU and Black Gypsum DG A traditional 50 lb. bag of 22-0-4 fertilizer contains approximately 20 lbs (or 40%) of rock limestone filler. This filler is not detrimental to turfgrass, but it also provides no agronomic benefit.    By contrast, our 22-0-4 fertilizer with HCU and Black Gypsum DG product has the limestone filler removed and replaced with our... read more

The Andersons to distribute Anuvia’s Green TRX in Fla.

December 21, 2016By

The Andersons Plant Nutrient Group will serve as a distributor for the Anuvia Plant Nutrients product GreenTRX 16-1-2-17S-3Fe for turf.  The Plant Nutrient Group’s sales team in Florida will represent Anuvia in the Florida golf, sports turf and lawn care and landscape markets. GreenTRX is available in three sizes: granular 250 SGN, intermediate 140 SGN and elite 80 SGN size... read more