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The Andersons: 21-22-4 Fertilizer with Mesotrione

March 15, 2023By

21-22-4 Fertilizer with Mesotrione is a homogeneous starter fertilizer granule impregnated with Mesotrione herbicide. This unique combination is ideal for use during turf establishment, renovation or overseeding to control weeds while providing a high-quality starter fertilizer to promote seedling germination and rapid establishment. As a 135 SGN granule, this product provides enhanced coverage and a more uniform application of both... read more

Best practices for tank mixing to ensure sprayers and spreader-sprayers success

February 28, 2023By
If objects get stuck in the tank system or if an operator leaves products in the tank for an extended amount of time, it will shorten the life of the pump and filters. (Photo: Turfco)

Experts share ways that lawn care operators can avoid issues by properly tank mix products to keep equipment running longer. read more

12 key messages from the 2022 LM Growth Summit

February 21, 2023By
Recently, 36 lawn care professionals from 26 companies across the country joined us at the 2022 LM Growth Summit, held at Reunion Resort near Orlando. (Photo: LM Staff)

36 lawn care professionals from 26 companies came to the 2022 LM Growth Summit in Orlando to meet 12 partners for collaboration, networking and education. read more

The Andersons: Humic Coated Ammonium Sulfate (HCAS™)

February 7, 2023By

Utilizing proprietary technology to produce clean, spherical, free-flowing granules bonded with potassium humate, HCAS (20-0-0-23S) is a versatile fertility product that can be used in many turfgrass, nursery, ornamental, or specialty crops applications. HCAS is an ideal nitrogen source for the cooler months of the spring growing season and is complementary to Humic Coated Urea (HCU®), an ideal humic-coated nitrogen... read more

The Andersons: Introducing RejuvaSoil™

January 17, 2023By

The newest addition to The Andersons line of premium soil amendments, RejuvaSoil is an all-natural soil enhancer designed to improve degraded or compromised soil. RejuvaSoil contains Humic DG™, BioChar DG™, and a beneficial microbial package. These components are designed to add organic matter, increase soil microbial populations, and improve nutrient efficiency. RejuvaSoil can be used with all turfgrass species in... read more

Get the inside scoop on the benefits of biochar for turf

January 6, 2023By
Photo: V-Grid Energy Systems

Experts share the best practices for using biochar, a captured carbon produced from agricultural waste, in your lawn care operation to boost soil quality. read more