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New development in combination products for LCOs

March 22, 2019By
Spreader (Photo: iStock.com/BanksPhotos)

A new fertilizer combination product — including the herbicide Mesotrione — helps LCOs overcome labor limitations when seeding read more

The Andersons: 22-0-4 Fertilizer with HCU

October 17, 2018By

Powered by HCU (Humic Coated Urea) and Black Gypsum DG®, this blended fertilizer is designed to improve nutrient uptake, relieve compaction and soil salinity, reduce bicarbonates, and improve root development. With Black Gypsum DG representing 43 percent of the formulation, this product contains no filler and every granule provides a benefit. Take advantage of a special limited time offer today! AndersonsPlantNutrient.com read more

The Andersons: HCU – Humic Coated Urea

July 30, 2018By

HCU granules offer a sensible approach to nitrogen application, with important soil and plant health benefits that traditional nitrogen sources cannot provide. These free-flowing, 44-0-0 granules are 100 percent soluble for use in both liquid and dry applications. HCU granules also contain fulvic and humic acids, providing a rich carbon source for maintaining and improving soil biology. DiscoverHCU.com read more

The Andersons: HCU—Humic Coated Urea

October 20, 2017By

HCU™ (Humic Coated Urea) granules are an innovative nitrogen source featuring urea-humate fusion. This proprietary technology produces a cost effective 44-0-0 nitrogen granule that is bonded with potassium humate. Clean, spherical, free flowing granules are 100 percent soluble for use in both liquid and dry applications. HCU granules can be applied to all types of cool and warm season turf.... read more

The Andersons: 0.72% Prophesy Fungicide on DGPro

June 19, 2017By

Prophesy fungicide contains the active ingredient propiconazole, a proven molecule that provides broad spectrum systemic disease suppression and control. Prophesy is formulated on our patented DGPro granule carrier which allows for uniform spreading with any professional rotary spreader, and these unique patented granules enhance efficacy. The typical application rate range for Prophesy fungicide is 2.5 – 5.0 lbs. per 1,000... read more

The Andersons: 21-22-4 Fertilizer with Mesotrione

May 30, 2017By

21-22-4 Fertilizer with Mesotrione is a homogeneous starter fertilizer granule impregnated with 0.08 percent Mesotrione.  This unique product is ideal for use during turf establishment, renovation or overseeding to minimize weeds, providing a quality starter fertilizer to promote seedling germination and extended growth.  No other product has the weed control spectrum of Mesotrione, which will suppress or control many of... read more