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Lessons from Silas and Lona

November 1, 2010By

Several years ago when it became apparent that my mom was failing I went through a shoebox of photographs she had accumulated over a lifetime that began with a Depression-era childhood in the Appalachian Mountains and will almost certainly end under the loving care of my older sister. I sorted, labeled and burned the photos onto CDs. Among them, of... read more

Becoming ever water-wiser

October 1, 2010By

Like a wizard, I command water to flow — clean, fresh water. When I turn on the faucet handle in my shower, I expect the water to come out; it does. Technology grants me this shaman-like ability, which I’ve never been without and that I now regard (perhaps like you) as my birthright. It never occurs to me that the... read more

Surviving in this Wal-Mart economy

September 1, 2010By

Everybody in my economically challenged city in northwest Ohio is becoming a contractor of one ilk or another, or so it seems. Many are suddenly landscape maintenance contractors. This is one reason, although not the largest, why you should be moving to become a lower-priced service provider in your market. Of course, that means finding ways to cut costs to... read more

A matter of integrity and trust

August 1, 2010By

Just over 20 years ago, a colleague wrote a short article alerting readers to unflattering test results for a product being promoted as the next great chemical turfgrass grub control. My friend hardly expected the backlash. His news article, based on the research of a well-respected Midwest entomologist, appeared in an issue of Lawn Care Industry magazine, a sister publication... read more

Keep SITES in your sight

July 1, 2010By

The Sustainable Sites Initiative’s (SITES) two-year pilot program runs from June 2010 to June 2012. Feedback from the more than 150 participating projects will be used to revise the SITES final rating system. At this stage of its development, it’s difficult to gauge the impact of SITES on the professional landscape/lawn service industry. It’s likely there will be little effect,... read more

Anatomy of an accident

June 1, 2010By

The huge dead limb shifted and crashed, without warning, to the dried leaf litter covering the soft earth on the other side of the towering oak. It happened in the blink of an eye. Almost simultaneously, we heard a grunt, as if somebody had been struck with something heavy. It was followed by a groan and then a hoarse, frightened... read more