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Victims of our own promises?

May 1, 2010By

It’s mid-spring, and many of us are putting in 50 or more hours a week to meet property owners’ expectations. What level of expectations are we establishing with customers, especially in regard to landscape services? Are we promising perfection or near perfection? It seems many of us are, and, thanks to the knowledge we’ve gained about landscape care and to... read more

Synthetic turf: Threat or opportunity?

April 1, 2010By

From the state that gave us skateboards, the Beach Boys and many of the trends we associate with modern landscaping comes an outdoor living innovation that is figuring larger in our industry: Synthetic turf. No, artificial turf wasn’t invented in California and it’s not manufactured there, but it has become one of the hottest landscape products in the Golden State... read more

Leveraging 2009’s lessons

March 1, 2010By

We’re over the shock of the seemingly unrelenting stream of bad news that dominated winter 2009. The daily reports of massive bank failures, record-breaking numbers of foreclosures and waves of job losses cast a smothering gray pall of uncertainty over almost everything. While our economy has a long way to go to recover what’s been lost, we’re confident the worst... read more

3 green services that can’t miss

February 1, 2010By

Green, sustainable — or whatever you call it — is here. It offers us limitless opportunity. Few industries stand to gain as much from the growing consciousness among the public that we must conserve our resources and protect our environment as we do. But with this incredible opportunity comes responsibility. Take this responsibility seriously. It’s the future of our businesses... read more