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TAG: The Hallmark

Leveraging 2009’s lessons

March 1, 2010By

We’re over the shock of the seemingly unrelenting stream of bad news that dominated winter 2009. The daily reports of massive bank failures, record-breaking numbers of foreclosures and waves of job losses cast a smothering gray pall of uncertainty over almost everything. While our economy has a long way to go to recover what’s been lost, we’re confident the worst... read more

It’s a great time to build client loyalty

January 1, 2010By

Everybody wants a deal these days. Let me rephrase that. Everybody expects a deal these days. A discount. An introductory coupon. An extra perk. A free service. That’s the new price of attracting customers and buying loyalty in this new normal economy. Can you remember another holiday season like this past one in which every retailer discounted or offered special... read more