TAG: The Landscapers Guide to Integrated Financial Management

A Better Way 2 Learn offers free e-book

March 19, 2014By

A Better Way 2 Learn Financials released a free e-book for landscape professionals, The Landscaper’s Guide to Integrated Financial Management, authored by Frank Ross, the creator of A Better Way 2 Learn. The 15-page guide hits on five processes to foster sustainable growth within a landscape company. Those five processes include the following. 1. Lead tracking The guide reinforces how important... read more

How important is the budgeting process?

November 25, 2013By

A budget is a way to realistically combine what you know with what you want to achieve. It asks, “What do we need to do today to make our long term goals a reality?” Would you ever accept a landscaping job you’d never created an estimate for? Of course not. A budget is basically an estimate of what you anticipate... read more

Do you have an integrated financial management process?

November 19, 2013By

Integrated financial management is not accounting. It’s a system of financial management for a landscaping business that relates the most important financial processes to each other in such a way that, at any point in your financial cycle, you will have a clear and focused picture of where your business stands, where each individual job stands, where you’re in great... read more