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How to build wealth

February 21, 2016By
Healthy, wealthy, wise. Photo: © Brey

A wise old man once told me your definition of wealth will change as you accumulate it and grow older. In my work with large and small contracting firms, I’ve discovered four types of wealth that are measurements of success. You might place these in a different order, but I’m sure you’ll think of all four throughout your life: personal... read more

How to boost owner’s income

October 22, 2014By

Many landscape business owners focus on building their revenue to build their wealth. There can be a correlation, but it’s not a direct one. To make a good return on your investment and earn an above average income, it’s critical to focus on the bottom line and work backward. The fallacy of 10 percent A study I conducted among my... read more

Marketing to the affluent landscape clients

March 10, 2012By

The affluent are one of the few population groups that still has money to spend. However, that’s not to say they haven’t become more selective about what they spend it on. Landscape business owners who want to get ahead will need to learn the best ways to market to the affluent. Succeeding in this niche will not happen overnight. If... read more