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Focusing on character and process

September 3, 2014By

I’m watching a transformation happen in a client’s business. It’s exciting to see. We started this phenomenon with a simple decision to invest in training our staff and weeding out the people on the team with poor character. It sounds simple, but all too often it’s overlooked due to time constraints, bad hiring practices, tight purse strings or a sheer... read more

How to be direct in sales

August 4, 2014By

At the end of a sales presentation the words, “We like your numbers; we’ll get back to you,” are the kiss of death. It’s in this case my third habit of successful salespeople—be direct—would come into play. (See Web Extra for all six habits.) Selling is a process of successive trial closes designed to manage the prospect’s “objections” and help... read more

Information and accountability in the workplace

July 2, 2014By

My partners and I gather the financial data from many of our clients nationwide, dump the information into a big cauldron, stir it around and run some interesting benchmarks to provide you a report card about the successes of 2013. This year we isolated the predominately landscape maintenance firms—30 of them—totaling $251,481,724 in annual volume for fiscal 2013. The range... read more

Timing is everything: Tips for strategizing an exit

June 6, 2014By

Right now your phone probably is ringing with every “business broker” and “deal guy” saying they have a deal for you. Sound familiar? Are you ready to sell? The industry has been buzzing as word spread about a mega deal between ValleyCrest Landscape Cos. and the Brickman Group. The fact is activity is picking up and so are business valuations.... read more

Habits of successful salesmen: How to be a grinder

May 5, 2014By

How do you sell more work? Relationships certainly help. Luck is a good thing, too. But it’s good habits consistently executed that create results. This is true of almost everything in life. Develop and practice good habits and good things usually follow—like great relationships and a fair bit of luck. The first habit of successful salesmen is to keep the... read more

Is 2014 a year of opportunity for the Green Industry?

April 4, 2014By

Invariably, all of us sages are queried with: “You’ve been around the country. You see things. So, what kind of year is 2014 going to be?” Like we know… We do have opinions, though, and mine is very upbeat. I make it a priority to stay on top of industry benchmarks and information sources, not the least of which are... read more