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TAG: The Benchmark

March 2014 Web Extra: Harkness on Facebook, LinkedIn advertising

March 18, 2014By

In the March 2014 issue of Landscape Management, The Benchmark columnist Jeff Harkness covered online advertising methods, including Google AdWords and Bing Ads. Here’s more from him on Facebook and LinkedIn advertising tips. Facebook Did you know more than 1 billion people use Facebook? If you’re not using Facebook to advertise, you’re missing out on a huge, untapped audience for... read more

Getting to page one

March 12, 2014By

Companies are being “pitched” daily to spend money on web marketing, and there are many confusing options. Ask yourself this question: “Is my company even on the grid?” If I’m a prospect and I don’t know your name or company, can I find you if I’m searching for a resource? If you’re not on page one as one of the... read more

The simple sales pitch

February 10, 2014By

I received a lot of good feedback from my last column about the habits of successful salesmen. Thanks! There were many requests to provide more ideas on each of these habits, so here it goes. The first habit is “keep the sales pitch simple.” In sales you’ll have greater success focusing on customer benefits over service features. For instance, telling the prospect... read more

Voila! You have a budget

January 14, 2014By

OK, it’s January. You should have your budget completed for this 2014. You do, don’t you? Uh-oh, you don’t, do you? Why is this budgeting thing always such a struggle? Would you ever go on a long trip without a road map? Would you ever contract a large job without an estimate? Of course not. And, it follows that you... read more

The leadership/ growth connection

December 3, 2013By

One of my clients has a leadership approach that’s limited his company’s ability to grow and attract quality talent. He is fair, but often manages with stern, in-your-face comments, is never wrong, is certainly impatient and is just negative at times. Sound familiar? To his credit, he’s changing after I pointed out his weaknesses, but the scenario leads to the... read more