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Throwback Thursday: June 1991

November 28, 2013By

Upon locking up the office to celebrate this holiday, my hope is you’ve left all thoughts of business behind those closed doors. My hope is you’re seated with family and friends to enjoy a warm meal and your biggest concern is who gets to snap the wishbone—or that your favorite quarterback doesn’t fumble a snap. Of course, this jubilee likely... read more

Locking out backflow device theft

February 27, 2013By

With backflow device theft on the rise, protecting this equipment keeps customers happy and has a positive social impact.  In the summer of 2009, a Memorial Landscaping and Irrigation technician received a call from a client stating that a backflow preventer had been stolen and that somebody needed to install a new device immediately, recalls Chad Touchet, CEO of the... read more

Catch them if you can

August 1, 2005By

From handheld equipment to large machinery, theft in the landscaping industry is on the rise. Get some practical advice on how to stop it, once and for all read more