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TAG: Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday: February 1994

March 27, 2014By

Spring has sprung. At least that’s what our calendars tell us. Even as it’s yet to be in the air, the masses are preparing for the warm weather to come. For me, this means looking up the best deals for a pedicure to show off my new sandals. For landscape professionals, this might mean giving customers the best deal to... read more

Throwback Thursday: April 2006

March 20, 2014By

“In the pre-dawn glow of the security lights on Monterrey’s Ocampo Street, the hopefuls arrive, lugging duffel bags and pulling small suitcases behind them. Many spent the previous night in a nearby hotel. For $12 each they get a clean place to sleep four to a room and a couple of simple but filling meals. The overnight stay is needed... read more

Throwback Thursday: November 2005

March 13, 2014By

My brain has been wrapped around exit strategies this week, specifically the aspect of leaving a legacy and choosing your successors, thanks to some reporting I’ve been doing for the April issue of Landscape Management. I side with the notion that the most reliable successor is family. Then again I’m a little biased. My stepdad is the owner operator of... read more

Throwback Thursday: April 1990

March 6, 2014By

When you see a pile of cash, you don’t shrug your shoulders and walk on. You grab as much as you can and run. This somewhat was my frame of mind when I came across the cover image of the April 1990 issue of Landscape Management, although the payoff for grabbing it was gaining insights rather than dollar bills. Titled... read more

Throwback Thursday: October 1988

February 27, 2014By

I drove a tractor for the first time on Monday. It was a John Deere 4052M compact utility tractor (CUT) at John Deere’s 2014 Ride & Drive event in Orlando, Fla. To say I was a natural behind the wheel would be a stretch—despite the fact I lived on a farm for the later part of my youth. This personal... read more

Throwback Thursday: March 1998

February 20, 2014By

To some landscape professionals the job of a company mechanic seems to be “the most obvious thing in the world.” They fix stuff, right? Not quite, according to the article “Miracle workers,” which ran in the March 1998 issue of Landscape Management. Authored by then-managing editor Ron Hall, the story brings to point that mechanics aren’t just the worker most... read more