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Top uses for small walk-behind mowers

November 5, 2019By
Toro mower (Photo: Toro)

When determining what type of mower to use, it’s important to first look at the site, says Paul Fraynd, CEO of Sun Valley Landscaping in Omaha, Neb. Often, small, tight areas such as parking lot islands, fenced-in backyards, hillsides and spaces with a lot of obstacles call for smaller mowers. Sun Valley Landscaping uses 21- and 30-inch mowers for many... read more

Toro debuts new electronic smart sprayer, Multi Force attachments

November 4, 2019By

The Toro Co. introduced its new Spray Master ride-on sprayer, a sprayer with electronic smart controls. The smart controls eliminate the need for a manual pressure regulator and help apply precise liquid and granular spreads. Fluid levels are easy to see with transparent white tanks, according to the company. An auxiliary pump delivers 2 gallons/minute and up to 10 psi... read more

Toro adds power to snow blower line

November 1, 2019By

The Toro Co. updated its line of Power Clear single-stage snow blowers. These models can throw snow up to 40 feet with 252-cc 4-cycle OHV engines. The units come with Toro’s Power Propel self-propel system and curved rotor and inverted funnel housing to efficiently remove snow while reducing clogging. The Power Clear single-stage snow blower lineup includes the following models:... read more

Toro: T5 RapidSet Series Rotors

October 24, 2019By

Toro T5 RapidSet Series Rotors have the features to satisfy all your basic irrigation needs while surprising you with a few extras. T5 Series Rotors offer an extra inch of pop-up height compared to most competitive units and can be set in seconds using the RapidSet feature, a quick and easy way to make arc adjustments — with no tools.... read more

Toro: 570Z Series Pressure Regulating Spray Heads

October 1, 2019By

Toro® 570ZPR Series and 570ZPRX Series spray heads offer a constant nozzle pressure of 30 psi, which helps to ensure the entire zone is performing consistently across each and every head. Certified to EPA WaterSense® requirements, these products have been proven to eliminate the water waste caused by nozzle misting and overspray that can result from high pressure situations. And... read more

Rain Master: DX3

October 1, 2019By

Built with the demands of landscape and grounds managers in mind, the Rain Master DX3 satellite combines ultimate convenience with superior water management intelligence. As one of the most advanced, easy to use controllers on the market, DX3’s “automatic intelligence” takes corrective action when system issues arise. Convenience features like a large, high visibility display and entry-activated illuminated cabinet light,... read more