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How to create a productive work environment

July 6, 2022By
Stair-step blocks leading up to target (Photo: cagkansayin / iStock / Getty Images / Getty Images Plus)

When it comes to productivity, organizations now recognize mental well-being to be just as important as physical health. Together, they affect how well we function in all areas of our lives, including at work, the place where we spend most of our waking hours. Early in my career, I worked for a global corporation where annual performance reviews were the... read more

Communication Coach: Why you should trust your training with innovation and growth systems

June 1, 2022By
Photo: Sergey_Fedoskin / iStock / Getty Images / Getty Images Plus

Jeff Korhan explains how if you put the right systems and training in place, you can trust your top team members to accomplish goals and grow your business. read more

What’s your plan B?

April 10, 2020By

Jeffrey Scott discusses the importance of green industry operations having a plan B in case of a situation, such as the coronavirus pandemic. read more

No business like snow business

August 15, 2019By
MAAC Property Services staff (Photo: MAAC Property Services)

Adam Schlutt of MAAC Property Services discusses his reluctance to join the family business, his company’s challenges and his approach to the labor issue. read more

New learning center offers top-tier training

April 23, 2019By
Photo: Frank Niccoli

Foothill College launches new learning center for students and industry professionals alike to improve their hands-on skills and experience. read more

Jeffrey Scott to host conference in Boston

January 15, 2019By

Industry consultant Jeffrey Scott will host a one-day conference, “Scaling Your Landscape Business,” Feb. 20 in Boston. The event will focus on helping owners and company leaders learn how to multiply their revenue and dramatically improve profitability. Attendees will learn how to: Accelerate growth by building a super leadership team; Achieve financial security; Capture significantly higher margins by mastering the... read more