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Analyzing trends in trencher technology

March 6, 2017By
photo: Ditch Witch

Advancements in trencher technology help contractors do more work using less manpower, while paving the way to new uses of the machines. When John Newlin purchases a trencher for his irrigation and lawn care business, he looks for three main features. “I want something that has a small footprint to minimize damage to customer properties, is safe to use and... read more

Ditch Witch offers maintenance tips for trenchers

October 11, 2016By

The process of digging a trench takes a significant toll on a trencher’s digging system, or its chain, teeth and sprockets, said Chapman Hancock, Ditch Witch product manager of CTS, service parts and telematics. So, this area requires a little extra TLC. “These components are the core of the trencher,” Hancock said. “If you operate when they are worn down... read more

Ditch Witch adds digging system for walk-behind trenchers

February 22, 2016By

Ditch Witch unveiled the new OptiCut digging system for its walk-behind trenchers. Ideal for depths up to 36 inches deep and 3.5 inches wide, the OptiCut digging system uses a low-profile tooth design for a smoother cut with less wear on the chain, the company said. “Opticut was designed with a clear focus on (contractors’) needs, uptime, productivity and profitability,” said Steve Seabolt, service... read more

Ditch Witch releases walk-behind trencher lineup

February 10, 2016By

Ditch Witch unveiled a new line of walk-behind trenchers. Exclusive to Ditch Witch, the CX-series trenchers are equipped with CX Track system. The machine’s design includes a shorter left track and longer right track, allowing better traction and a shorter overall length for maneuverability in tight spaces, the company said. Additionally, the C-series trenchers feature an offset rear-tire design for... read more

Ditch Witch Walk-Behind Trenchers

April 17, 2013By

The Charles Machine Works (CMW), Inc., manufacturer of Ditch Witch underground construction equipment, has introduced a new line of compact and powerful walk-behind trenchers — the RT12, RT16, RT20 and RT24. The entire line incorporates a stacked, in-line hydraulic pump configuration that effectively eliminates vertical shafts and the use of belts and/or flywheel reduction systems, and ultimately reduces downtime. They also... read more