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University of Tennessee launches turf new professional program

January 25, 2023By

Certified lawn care professional program designed to provide new turfgrass professionals with skills to manage warm- and cool-season turf. read more

How to ID turf insects

December 18, 2017By
illustrations: David Preiss

A brown or abnormal area of turf can mean a few things, including the presence of turf insects. To figure out if that’s what’s causing a lawn’s problems—and if so, what type of insect is present—lawn care operators (LCOs) have to do a little digging. Common pests and insects include ants, beetles, predatory true bugs, white grubs, chinch bugs, caterpillars,... read more

SureGuard Herbicide

December 10, 2015By

SureGuard Herbicide provides lawn care operators with long-lasting, pre and postemergence control of broadleaf and grassy weeds in landscapes, bareground settings and in dormant Bermudagrass. SureGuard provides extended residual weed control of broadleaf and grassy weeds, and in addition to extended control, enhances the speed and performance of glyphosate. Within dormant Bermudagrass, SureGuard delivers excellent turf tolerance and provides unmatched speed and lasting control of... read more

WinField Solutions adds 11 new sales reps

May 28, 2015By

WinField Solutions, a distributor of turf and agricultural products, has added 11 new sales representatives to its organization. “Our investment in exceptional talent is an important part of our growth,” said WinField’s Vice President of Marketing Mitch Eviston. “WinField has some unique competitive advantages in the market. Our financial commitment to product research and insight tools is unmatched, and we... read more

Koch Agronomic Services implements new brand name

April 29, 2015By

Koch Agronomic Services created a brand name dedicated to serving its customers in the turf and ornamental markets. The new name, Koch Turf & Ornamental, focuses on developing solutions for the golf, lawn care, ornamental and turf markets. “Turf and ornamental is an industry with its own unique set of opportunities and challenges,” said Tim Sturm, vice president of Koch... read more

Prepare for takeoff

October 22, 2014By

A grass seed product that produces turf requiring little to no maintenance is probably not a good fit for a landscape maintenance company that makes its bread and butter from mowing. But for landscape or lawn care companies that service municipalities, airfields or other areas seeking to reduce mowing and deter wildlife, there’s a product that’s proving to be effective.... read more