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2015 Lawn Care Forum: Best version of QuickBooks, peer group benefits

January 10, 2016By

Dan Gordon, principal of TurfBooks, explains the best version of QuickBooks depending on your niche. Gordon also talks about the return on investment of participating in peer groups. read more

Peer group seeks members

April 9, 2015By

A peer group focused on turf and ornamental care companies seeks five companies to join its ranks. The group is managed by Dan Gordon, a CPA and owner of Turfbooks, an accounting and financial consulting firm for companies in the landscape and lawn care industry. “We run several of these groups, which we find are extremely beneficial for business owners... read more

Finances for the ‘small’ operator

February 17, 2015By
Featured Photo Illustration: iStock.com/Barcin

A reader recently asked us to cover the topic of finances for the “smaller” operator with just a few employees and less than $250,000 in annual revenue. I thought about it and recognized successful finances have nothing to do with size but with organization and discipline. Sound financial management knows no size. Here are the five most important items for... read more

Peer groups: Hang with the right crowd

November 19, 2014By

Editor’s note: This article is excerpted from “Three Cheers for Peer Groups,” which ran in Pest Management Professional’s 2015 Business Planner. As the saying goes, it’s lonely at the top. As a lawn care or pest management professional, employees, customers, bankers and other interested parties expect you to know all the answers. Ever feel like you want someone on your... read more

Web Extra: Student becomes the teacher

November 3, 2014By

On March 7, 2013, our son Matt — then a freshman in college with aspirations of following in my footsteps and becoming an accountant — was diagnosed with stage 4 Hodgkin lymphoma. As parents, we try to teach our children to do the right thing, solve problems and succeed in life. In this case, our “student” became our teacher overnight.... read more