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TurfEx: TT5000 Spread-N-Spray

September 6, 2017By

The TurfEx TT5000 Spread-N-Spray boasts a new standard height-adjustable boom kit that maximizes spray width while minimizing waste. Driven by a 7-horsepower engine with electric start, the TT5000 has a top operating speed of 5 mph. Low center of gravity allows for safe operation. An integrated 17-gallon tank system has a single rapid-fill port. A front-mounted 84-inch stainless steel boom... read more

TurfEx unveils new spreader/sprayer

May 18, 2016By

TurfEx unveiled its TT5000 Spread-N-Spray, featuring a new standard height-adjustable boom kit. The TT5000 is powered by a 7-hp Subaru EX210 engine with electric start and a 0.95-gallon fuel tank. Its heavy-duty Peerless transmission has two forward gears, neutral and reverse, with a top operating speed of 5 mph. A hand-operated transmission disc brake and foot-controlled sulky band brake allow smooth, confident... read more

TurfEx: RS7200E

September 23, 2014By

The new unit boasts an electric start, adjustable electric spray pump and a handheld spray wand. It’s driven by a 7-hp Subaru EX210 engine with electric start and a 0.95-gallon fuel tank. A 17-gallon tank system has a single port for easy filling and a balanced design for enhanced stability. The RS7200E is backed by a two-year limited warranty, and... read more

TurfEx: TS200

December 19, 2013By

The new TS200 spreader is part of TurfEx’s full line of zero-turn mower attachments. Capable of spreading seed, fertilizer and ice melt, the spreader is engineered specifically to maximize mower productivity. It holds up to 2.5 cu. ft. of material, and features a corrosion-resistant polyethylene hopper to reduce weight and maintenance concerns. The spreading operation is controlled via the manual... read more

TurfEx: Skid-mounted spot sprayers

September 30, 2013By

TurfEx introduces its line of skid-mounted spot sprayers. Designed to mount into the bed of any utility vehicle or pickup, the new spot sprayers are ideal for tree and flower watering, pest control, and a variety of other applications. Available with a 50-gal. (model US500) or a 100-gal. tank (model US1000), the units feature fully corrosion-resistant polyethylene tank construction, 50-ft.... read more

TurfEx: TS95

August 13, 2013By

Ideal for use in small yards and other confined areas, the new TS95 walk-behind drop spreader distributes material in a controlled pattern to reduce waste and prevent material from being applied to unwanted areas. It features a corrosion-resistant polyethylene hopper with a 120-lb. capacity. It is capable of spreading a variety of granular materials, including fertilizer, pesticide, herbicide and seed, in... read more