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Understand your soil to level up your turf management

September 27, 2023By
Understanding the soil type will help you better manage the nutrient needs of your turf. (Photo: HappyNati/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images)

Soil properties and health can impact turf nutrient availability, which is why it’s critical to understand your soil type. read more

Why you need to sell grub control as insurance for lawns

July 27, 2023By
Experts stress a preventive treatment is the best way to sell grub control to clients. (Photo: ETCH Outdoor Living)

A preventive strategy is the best approach when selling a green, healthy and grub-free lawn. read more

LCOs share their best tips to prevent and manage heat-stressed turf

July 18, 2023By
Keeping turf safe from heat and drought stress is a year-round job for certain parts of the country says Steve Murray, government contracting and agronomic manager at McCall Service in Jacksonville, Fla. (Photo: Pro Green Lawn Care)

Monitoring irrigation use, soil health and communicating with customers are key to mitigating the effects of drought. read more

The causes and cures of summer, large and brown patch

June 27, 2023By
Lawn care operators have several control options to tackle summer, large and brown patch. With different strains of large patch, LCOs will need to deploy different controls strategies. (Photo: Mary Ann Hansen, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Bugwood.org )

These devastating diseases can hit your customers’ yards this year. Mike Kenna shares what to keep a look out for. read more

New turfgrass varieties developed by UConn researcher require less maintenance

May 31, 2023By
Logo: LM Staff

Researchers say the improved grasses reduce mowing, fertilizer and irrigation needs and while offering financial savings due to the reduction maintenance. read more

Next Day Sod gives away $10K in pallet of sod

March 14, 2023By
Photo: Next Day Sod

The company’s St. Patrick’s Day giveaway offers those who order sod this week the chance to earn a pallet full of sod. read more