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Artificial turf maintenance can be an unexpected surprise

July 19, 2012By

By: Kirk Hunter Advertising and promotional claims for any number of products can sometimes be misleading. Often, the problem doesn’t have to do so much with what is said or written, but rather, what information has been omitted. While promises that no watering, mowing or chemicals required may sometimes be true, consumers and key decision-makers may be confused by claims that... read more

Girls just want to have fun, too . . . just like the guys

September 5, 2010By

By: Ron Hall As I was riding my bicycle near our local high school on a recent afternoon I saw something I hadn’t seen before. It caused me to slow down and take a second look. Our boys team was engaged in dribbling drills on the field that is also used by our high school marching band for practice as an... read more

Pickseed, Barenbrug provide seed for 2010 FIFA World Cup

June 9, 2010By

In spite of growing popularity of synthetic turf on sports fields around the world, turfgrass is still the preferred playing surface for professional soccer. Pickseed Canada and Barenbrug are among the companies supplying turfgrass seed for the 2010 FIFA World Cup, which begins in South Africa on Friday, June 11. All 32 South African team base camps have been overseeded... read more