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Underhill releases Hunter ICC2-compatible decoder

June 27, 2017By

Underhill International introduced its new 2Wire Decoder Module that is fully compatible with Hunter Industries’ new ICC2 commercial controller, expanding its capabilities to two-wire operation. The 2Wire Decoder snaps directly into the controller module slot and converts an ICC2 to two-wire operation for new irrigation installations or hybrid multiwire/two-wire system expansions. The decoders work with all ICC2 models, including plastic,... read more

Two-wire irrigation systems

June 20, 2015By

Why two-wire irrigation systems are growing in popularity. It takes awhile for landscape contractors to trust new types of irrigation technology, so traditional ones have prevailed. In the past five to 10 years, two-wire systems have steadily become a contender in the irrigation industry. “Traditionally wired systems had been proven, and two-wire didn’t start to pick up momentum until the... read more