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Underhill: Gulp water removal pumps

March 13, 2013By

Underhill’s expanding line of Gulp water removal pumps now features the Gulp UltraMax and Big Gulp UltraMax, which can displace 8 to12 gallons per minute. Featuring a super smooth pumping action, the UltraMax models efficiently eliminate water from valve boxes, sprinklers or any other flooded area. Gulp UltraMax has a 14-in. pump chamber and an 18-in. outlet hose. Big Gulp... read more

Underhill International

October 22, 2012By
Photo: Underhill International

Featuring robust, “firefighter quality” construction, new UltraMax variable flow hose-end nozzles are designed for hand-watering sports fields, parks, playgrounds and other public areas, for infield conditioning and irrigating dry, patchy turf. The nozzles, available in four models, are also practical for stadium and playground wash-downs and equipment cleanup. The ergonomically designed pistol grip or firefighter grip has sturdy ball valves... read more