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Underhill releases Hunter ICC2-compatible decoder

June 27, 2017By

Underhill International introduced its new 2Wire Decoder Module that is fully compatible with Hunter Industries’ new ICC2 commercial controller, expanding its capabilities to two-wire operation. The 2Wire Decoder snaps directly into the controller module slot and converts an ICC2 to two-wire operation for new irrigation installations or hybrid multiwire/two-wire system expansions. The decoders work with all ICC2 models, including plastic,... read more

Underhill intros new feature for Gulp UltraMax Plus pumps

April 26, 2017By

Underhill International released MudGuard, a new slip-on filter for Gulp UltraMax Plus pumps. MudGuard minimizes clogging and facilitates dirty water clean-outs from valve boxes, sprinkler leaks or other water-soaked areas on turf and landscape. MudGuard is now standard on all Underhill 36-inch UltraMax Plus pumps, with 36-inch or 72-inch hoses. It can also be added onto existing pumps. In 2016, Underhill... read more

Underhill releases new suction pump

October 12, 2016By

Underhill International released its new Gulp Ultramax Plus, a suction pump that can be disassembled. According to Underhill, the hand pump is used for quick cleanups of water-soaked areas on turf and landscape, including valve boxes and sprinklers. The pump is available as three sizes: 36-inch length with a 72-inch hose; 21-inch length with a 18-inch hose and as a 12-ounce syringe. UltraMax... read more

Underhill releases new suction pump

March 23, 2016By

Underhill International expanded its water removal suction pump series with the addition of the Gulp UltraMax Plus. This suction pump features a removable O-ring, head assembly, intake foot/filter and wiper seal for cleaning or replacement. The smooth, self-priming pump handles an extra high volume of water. An ergonomically designed handle allows comfortable operation, the company said. Three models are available,... read more

Underhill adds sprinkler removal tool

February 2, 2016By

Underhill International unveiled Easy Out, the first sprinkler removal tool that doesn’t require digging, the company said. Easy Out fits all major brands and can be used to replace a broken sprinkler, add a fitting to increase height, cap off unwanted heads or convert heads to drip line. The Easy Out kit includes an alignment rod that prevents dirt from... read more

Underhill offers steel valve boxes for Mirage sprinklers

March 20, 2015By

Underhill International expanded its MSSB stainless steel valve box series by offering seven new valve boxes for its Mirage long-throw sprinklers. The boxes also accommodate isolation valves, quick couplers, electrical junction boxes and other sub-surface components. The boxes, which are made of 14-gauge stainless steel with hemmed edges, can be used with Mirage M-180S, M-160, M125 and M-115 sprinklers as... read more