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Researchers studying water conservation using artificial intelligence

October 14, 2021By
Drone footage shows turf research at the University of Georgia Tifton (Source: University of Georgia)

University of Georgia researchers are studying how to use artificial intelligence to better manager turfgrass irrigation. read more

UGA to debut new bermudagrass

April 9, 2015By

University of Georgia (UGA) is set to debut a new bermudagrass variety at the Southeastern Turfgrass Conference, according to The Tifton Gazette. The 69th annual conference is scheduled for April 28 at the UGA Tifton Campus Conference Center. DT-1, the bermudagrass, has been under research for more than 20 years, with turfgrass breeder Wayne Hanna first studying it in 1992.... read more

Southern trials take the heat

June 20, 2012By

Landscapers who want to know how annuals will hold up to the heat should look into the trial sites below. If annuals can make it in the southern heat, they’re more likely to perform well this summer in your clients’ landscapes. The Trial Gardens at the University of Georgia rates and cultivars, then posts those graphs online. To make it easy... read more

New shade-tolerant warm-season grass to be available in 2010

April 10, 2009By

ATHENS, GA – If you’ve recently walked on a golf course, athletic field or newly established landscape any where in the world, chances are you stepped on a Tif variety turfgrass developed at the University of Georgia. “Many of the people I meet have heard of Georgia because 80% of the surfaces planted in improved warm-season turfgrasses are planted in... read more

Clients’ 10 biggest lawn care gripes

September 1, 2003By

As the IPM homeowner specialist for the University of Georgia, I talk to an inquisitive public each day. Many times, I'm called for second opinions and used as a sounding board for public skepticism that, too often, is directed towards the lawn service industry. read more