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SnowEx: UTV Straight Blade Plow

January 13, 2018By

For sidewalks, paved walkways and other tight areas, SnowEx offers a Straight Blade Plow for UTVs. The plow measures 6-ft. wide and can angle to 5-ft., 4-in. wide. Compact but strong, the UTV straight blade contains four vertical ribs for additional reinforcement and stabilizing support. The blade is constructed of high-strength, low alloy steel components. The plow features a full-trip... read more

SnowEx adds UTV straight blade plow

September 13, 2017By

SnowEx is expanding its line of professional-grade snow and ice control products with the addition of its new Straight Blade Plow for UTVs. The plow measures 6-feet wide and can angle to 5 feet 4 inches wide for narrower applications. The plow features a full-trip moldboard to protect the equipment when encountering obstacles, as well as a high-strength base angle... read more

Fisher launches new plow for skid-steers, straight blade plow and more

March 22, 2017By

Fisher Engineering expanded its product portfolio with the addition of a new plow, sprayer, rotary broom and dual-bulb halogen headlamps. XRS plow The XRS plow, designed specifically for skid-steers, features a new oscillating plow mount. It is standard on the XRS plow and optional on the HD2 and HDX skid-steer plows. When angling the plow right or left, the plow... read more