Hustler intros UTV, ramps up X-ONE

October 27, 2016By

Moving into the UTV market, Hustler Turf debuted its Maximum Duty Vehicle (MDV) at 2016 GIE+EXPO. The MDV is available in a standard bed model or with LEVELIFT. The all-wheel drive MDV runs at a top speed of 37 mph and comes with a range of options and accessories available. “The MDV is truly in a class of its own,... read more

American Landmaster intros new pro-grade UTV line

September 13, 2016By

For years, American SportWorks built its name as a manufacturer of go-karts—or “fun karts,” as the company calls them—and other recreational vehicles. Since its rebranding as American Landmaster in May, however, the company says it has increased focus on its newly launched utility vehicle (UTV) line, touting its professional-grade performance. On Sept. 7-8, the manufacturer invited media members from the agriculture and... read more

SnowEx intros UTV spreader

July 14, 2016By

SnowEx introduced the new V-Pro 2000 bulk spreader, designed to accommodate the bed dimensions of most UTVs. The V-Pro 2000 has a multi-angled hopper, which can carry 11 cubic feet and 800 pounds of salt or sand/salt mixture. According to SnowEx, the design creates a natural material vortex for maximum flow from the top of the hopper to the auger... read more

Jacobsen launches mower, UTV line

September 3, 2015By

Jacobsen, a Textron company, launched a new line of commercial-grade mowers and utility vehicles, including three lines of zero-turn mowers and six different models of utility vehicles. “One of our main goals with the launch of these exciting new products was to offer a wide range of options that satisfy many different categories of customer needs,” said Bryan Holby, product... read more

Exmark intros new UTVs

February 4, 2015By

Exmark Manufacturing expanded its 2015 product line with two side-by-side utility vehicles: the 500S and 700S. Both models include two- or four-wheel drive as well as a customizable two-in-one tilting cargo boxes that transforms from box to flatbed in minutes. The UTVs feature dual-range automatic transmission, single-cylinder engines with Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI), four-wheel hydraulic brakes, and dual A-arm front and... read more

Gravely debuts Atlas JSV

October 22, 2014By

Gravely is carving a new space into the utility vehicle market, rolling out its Atlas JSV—job site vehicle. Ariens, the parent company of Gravely, debuted the newest addition to its commercial product lineup during a press event preceding GIE+EXPO at Buffalo Trace Distillery in Frankfort, Ky., Oct. 21. The Atlas JSV is available in four models, with the JSV6000 accommodating six adults across two... read more