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VERSA-LOK: Mosaic Retaining Wall System

August 7, 2018By

VERSA-LOK Mosaic is the original solid, pinned segmental retaining wall system capable of building random-pattern tall walls of unlimited height. Mosaic walls feature panels comprising three different VERSA-LOK units in a random four-unit pattern. Each panel is 10 in. in height, 24 in. wide and 12 in. deep and readily accommodates soil reinforcement. Mosaic’s solid construction and top-pinning design ensure... read more

VERSA-LOK: Harmony Retaining Wall System

May 25, 2018By

The VERSA-LOK Harmony retaining wall system uses VERSA-LOK Standard and Cobble wall units to create designs limited only by your imagination. Combine the units in countless ways to create a variety of natural-looking designs and patterns. At half the width and the same height as Standard units, Cobble units can be set randomly among Standard units or the two types... read more

Versa-Lok: Retaining wall systems

April 11, 2017By

The VERSA-LOK standard retaining wall system brings a touch of rustic elegance to outdoor living spaces. As the industry’s most versatile segmental retaining wall system, you can create curves, corners, stairs, multi-angled corners, freestanding walls and columns with VERSA-LOK—all without specialty pieces or cores to fill. The favorite of contractors and landscape architects everywhere, VERSA-LOK’s solid, pinned construction provides unparalleled design... read more

Versa-Lok: Harmony segmental retaining wall system

April 8, 2016By

The Versa-Lok Harmony segmental retaining wall (SRW) system offers an economical and attractive solution for random-pattern wall designs. The Versa-Lok Harmony SRW system uses Versa-Lok Standard and Cobble wall units, available in both traditional split-face and weathered finishes, to create unlimited design options. The units can be combined in countless ways for natural-looking designs such as one-of-a-kind combinations of color and texture. At... read more

VERSA-LOK Retaining Wall Systems

December 29, 2015By

VERSA-LOK® is retaining walls and so much more. Our solid construction and unique top-down pinning system enables design flexibility and ease of installation. With VERSA-LOK Standard, you can build walls, curves, multi-angle corners, stairs, and freestanding walls and columns—all without specialty pieces or hollow cores to fill. VERSA-LOK Standard is available in traditional split-face or vintage weathered textures. If you... read more

VERSA-LOK Retaining Wall Systems

November 10, 2014By

VERSA-LOK Retaining Wall Systems have a solid construction and unique pinning system that enables unparalleled design flexibility. Create stunning curves, corners, stairs and columns as well as freestanding and retaining walls for seating and support with just the single Standard unit, available in traditional split-face or vintage Weathered textures. If you can design it, you can build it with VERSA-LOK.... read more