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Systemization Series: Core functions of business—management

March 26, 2015By

This post is part five of Dan Pestretto’s seven-part systemization series. Read on to part six, “Systemization Series: How to create (and use) an org. chart,” here.  Creating the business you want requires a well-defined description of that future business. You must be able to clearly see your future business in your mind’s eye. In this way, you can guide the... read more

Let your vision guide your strategy

January 24, 2013By

Imagine that you spent a great deal of time planning the perfect vacation. You rented a beautiful house, the car is loaded, the kids are excited and everyone is eager to get on the road. You start the car and hit the gas. But as the car takes off, you realize you have no steering wheel. You’re going to end... read more