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Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting vPro Transformer 

April 28, 2015By

Vista’s new vPro Solid State Transformer and proprietary smartphone app give homeowners complete control of their landscape lighting. The vPro Transformer’s lightweight, stainless steel design is low profile, offering ease of handling and installation flexibility, as well as maintaining aesthetic quality. Solid-state technology eliminates stepping, ensuring smooth, fluid lighting adjustments from zero percent to fully bright for any light source—LED... read more

Vista Professional: MR-16 LED Lamps

April 30, 2013By
Photo: Vista Professional

Professionals can use the new, patent-pending MR-16 LED Lamps to upgrade existing landscape lighting installations to the energy-saving benefits of LED. Because these lamps use less wattage than comparable halogen lamps, they save dramatic amounts of energy while also allowing for the installation of more lamps per cable and transformer. This also makes it easy to add new fixtures when... read more