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Kawasaki Engines: FT730V–EFI engine

January 2, 2018By

The new FT730V–EFI engine joins a purpose-built family of Kawasaki engines designed to make light work of the heaviest loads. Summon the power, and the response is instant. You’ve got Kawasaki’s proven EFI with integrated electronic governor control — eGov — to thank for that. Consistent power is one thing. Endurance is another. A long-lasting engine thrives on clean air.... read more

Kawasaki: FT730V-EFI engine

November 6, 2017By

Kawasaki’s new FT730V-EFI is purpose-built for commercial applications and designed to make light work of the heaviest loads. Two things separate this engine from the competition: proven EFI, featuring our own eGov system, and Vortical air filtration, technology that puts debris in its place — out. Vortical air filtration is Kawasaki’s answer to superior debris management. Once air enters under... read more

Kawasaki unveils new engine and accompanying air filtration system

November 2, 2017By

Kawasaki Engines unveiled the FT730V-EFI engine and its accompanying air filtration system. The FT730V-EFI employs the 730-series engine block and features vortical air filtration (VAF), an air-intake methodology that focuses on getting clean air into the engine without also introducing external debris, such as loose grass clippings. Benefits of VAF include longer engine life, improved cutting performance and reduced maintenance... read more