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Editor’s Note: Walker ways

August 23, 2018By

Have you ever visited a company and instantly knew that everyone who worked there was on the same page—and wondered how they got there? That’s the feeling I got when I visited Walker Manufacturing in July for the Walker Family Reunion III. The event, which celebrated production of the company’s 150,000th mower, was held on Walker’s 60-acre campus in Fort... read more

Walker Manufacturing to celebrate production milestone

March 5, 2018By

Walker Manufacturing Co., producers of the Walker mower, will host its third milestone production celebration July 13-15. The event, called the Walker Family Reunion, will celebrate the production of Walker Mower No. 150,000 and will mark 40 years since the creation of the first Walker mower. “We are a company that likes to celebrate,” said Walker President Bob Walker. “We... read more

Mowers: Which do you use and why?

November 5, 2014By

Adam Delagrange Founder, Delagrange Landscaping Centerburg, Ohio “Hustler. From a price point of buying these machines new, the Hustler brand tends to be cheaper than comparable models but they don’t lack the quality. Currently, we’re running two Hustler X-ONEs with 26-hp Kawasaki engines and 60-in. decks, and I also have a Hustler TrimStar walk-behind with a 17-hp Kawasaki and a... read more