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Tampa Bay restricts lawn watering amid record drought

November 28, 2023By

According to the Tampa Bay Times, Tampa Bay issued a water shortage order limiting outdoor watering to one day per week. read more

Irrigation Association names recipients of Smart Water Application Technologies awards

October 17, 2023By

Marin Water of Corte Madera, Calif. and The city of Aspen, Colo. both received Smart Water Application Technologies awards from the Irrigation Association. read more

Why drip irrigation makes sense for your clients

September 12, 2023By
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Drip irrigation can provide many benefits to your clients and their plants, but it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach. read more

New wireless solution from Hunter offers an option to increase water savings

May 16, 2023By
The Wireless Mini-Clik Sensor is available now. (Photo: Hunter Industries)

Hunter created this new product to offer users a water-saving irrigation solution in response to numerous customer requests. read more

Landscaping trends that can help save water

February 7, 2023By
Moreno says Kurapia, a low-lying ground cover, is gaining in popularity as a turfgrass alternative in the Western U.S. (Photo: Max Moreno)

Climate change and dwindling resources present the industry with challenging obstacles and Max Moreno explains why every drop counts when it comes to water. read more

Communities introduce new water ordinances hoping to combat drought

June 7, 2022By

Spokane, Wash., limits watering to four times a week and Aurora, Colo., mulls restricting the type of turf planted in new developments and redevelopments. read more