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5 questions to ask before adding a water manager

August 23, 2023By
Now, more than ever, a water manager could have a major impact in your operations as water availability issues grow. (Photo: LandCare)

Water management is a growing field in the irrigation industry. Take a look at what you should think about before adding this position. read more

Irrigation Association to host water management webinar

June 13, 2023By

DJ Seeger, president of Seeger Water will take a look at the future of irrigation in the green industry. read more

UC Extension seeks to save water with drought-tolerant turfgrass in Southern California

December 13, 2022By

Researchers from the University of California Cooperative Extension performed stress tests on turfgrass varieties to learn which ones withstand and survive. read more

What’s the No. 1 water management question your customers ask and how do you answer it?

September 19, 2022By
Questions on monthly water bill variance and service costs are common among customers, experts say. (Photo: OlenaMykhaylova/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images)

Some irrigation experts share the No. 1 water management question customers ask and the solutions they offer to answer it. read more

Communities introduce new water ordinances hoping to combat drought

June 7, 2022By

Spokane, Wash., limits watering to four times a week and Aurora, Colo., mulls restricting the type of turf planted in new developments and redevelopments. read more

What the future holds for water management

January 18, 2022By
(Photo: MaYcaL/iStock/Getty Images Plus/Getty Images)

Irrigation experts share how water management will change and evolve in the coming years and what that means for you and your business read more