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Florida county demands approval for new irrigation projects

July 19, 2017By

According to a new code enacted in April 2016, irrigation professionals in Alachua County, an unincorporated county in Florida, must now seek county approval—and pay an application fee—for all new irrigation systems installed. In its first year, the county saved 9 million gallons of water due to the code. It’s also denied, at least during the initial review, of as many... read more

Environmental pressures drive sprayhead trends

October 16, 2015By
photo: Hunter Industries

How and why sprayheads are becoming more efficient. “If it’s not broken, why fix it?” may be the mantra for many landscape and irrigation contractors, but the industry and many clients are changing. Water conservation is a top priority across the country, so it’s important for professionals to update their practices to meet new standards and expectations. Irrigation manufacturers are also... read more

California calls for even stricter water restrictions

March 18, 2015By

California issued heavier emergency drought regulations Tuesday, the LA Times reports, mainly regarding the number of days residents can water their yards. Under Tuesday’s decision, water agencies have 45 days to further limit water restrictions or they’ll be faced with a two-day-a-week restriction. Cities such as Los Angeles, which currently enforces a three-day-a-week restriction, may merely maintain those restrictions. “We are not seeing... read more

More California cities tighten water restrictions

August 7, 2014By

The cities of Redding, Calif., and Shasta Lake, Calif., are enforcing new restrictions on the hours and parameters for outdoor water use, according to KRCR News. The regulations were approved at city council meetings Aug. 5. While the restrictions vary per city, each limit the days during which lawns can be watered— about three days per week—and prohibit applying potable water to landscapes... read more

California puts stronghold on water with 270-day regulations

July 31, 2014By

In response to the ongoing drought in California, the State Water Resources Control Board approved new water regulations for residents and business owners that will be enforced for 270 days, unless renewed. The Sacramento Bee grazed the surface of the regulations, which were approved July 15, reporting, “It is now illegal for any Californian to hose down a driveway or sidewalk,... read more

Defeating the drought

February 3, 2014By

One of the big challenges facing the future of the landscaping industry is water. Or more precisely, the lack of water. The western United States is facing drought conditions that range from abnormally dry to exceptional drought, according to the National Drought Mitigation Center in Lincoln, Neb. (See map.) For example, drought conditions are so bad in parts of California they... read more