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How the drought in the West affects everyone

July 7, 2015By

Even if you don’t live in the Western states, you’ve heard by now about the severe drought and the historic water restrictions ordered by California’s governor. So why should you care if your area is doing just fine? Well, most regions suffer drought at one time or another. Many clients are more in tune to these types of issues now... read more

California now under mandatory, statewide water restrictions

April 6, 2015By

April 1, California Governor Jerry Brown instituted the state’s first-ever mandatory water restrictions, NPR reports. The announcement comes as California is entering its fourth year of drought and as the Sierra Nevada saw its lowest snowpack level on record. The statewide mandate calls for reductions in water use by 25 percent for California cities and towns; new pricing structures by... read more

California calls for even stricter water restrictions

March 18, 2015By

California issued heavier emergency drought regulations Tuesday, the LA Times reports, mainly regarding the number of days residents can water their yards. Under Tuesday’s decision, water agencies have 45 days to further limit water restrictions or they’ll be faced with a two-day-a-week restriction. Cities such as Los Angeles, which currently enforces a three-day-a-week restriction, may merely maintain those restrictions. “We are not seeing... read more

California puts stronghold on water with 270-day regulations

July 31, 2014By

In response to the ongoing drought in California, the State Water Resources Control Board approved new water regulations for residents and business owners that will be enforced for 270 days, unless renewed. The Sacramento Bee grazed the surface of the regulations, which were approved July 15, reporting, “It is now illegal for any Californian to hose down a driveway or sidewalk,... read more

1-Minute Mentor: Chris Williams

December 6, 2013By

Meet Chris Williams, owner of Landscapes of the South, Canton, Ga. Who is your mentor? There were two folks who helped me in my career. Doug Davis was the owner of the prior business that I worked for. Another fellow, Jim Lanier, worked there for a number of years as the vice president. Doug taught me the business of taking... read more

Historic drought causes Tampa to forbid use of lawn sprinklers

March 21, 2009By

TAMPA — Facing what may become the worst drought on record, the Tampa City Council on Thursday adopted the toughest water restrictions in the state, reports the St. Petersburg Times. By a 5-1 vote, the council banned the use of lawn sprinklers — a move that forces hand-watering of lawns but should save up to 30 million gallons of water a... read more