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How to build wealth

February 21, 2016By
Healthy, wealthy, wise. Photo: © Brey

A wise old man once told me your definition of wealth will change as you accumulate it and grow older. In my work with large and small contracting firms, I’ve discovered four types of wealth that are measurements of success. You might place these in a different order, but I’m sure you’ll think of all four throughout your life: personal... read more

Wealth summit to be held pre-GIE+EXPO

July 17, 2015By

A new event about how to create and accumulate wealth as a landscape business owner launches this year prior to GIE+EXPO in Louisville, Ky., with LandCare CEO Mike Bogan as the keynote speaker. The Wealth Building Summit, to be held Oct. 21, is organized by consultants Jeffrey Scott of Jeffrey Scott Consulting and Ron Edmonds of The Principium Group. Bogan... read more