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May 2014 Web Extra: Snowfall data chart examples

May 13, 2014By

In Phil Harwood’s May 2014 Snow Strategy column, “How to use weather data for sales, renewals,” he offered snow management companies several suggestions about what snowfall data to collect and what charts are useful. Here are some examples he compiled for his home market of Detroit from National Weather Service data. Example 1: Detroit Seasonal Snowfall History by Year –... read more

How to use weather data for sales, renewals

May 5, 2014By

The snow business is full of unknowns. One of the biggest unknowns is, of course, the weather. But there is one aspect of the weather that’s 100 percent known: data for weather that has already occurred. Weather data are widely available for most communities in North America. It might require some digging to find, but with persistence you can track... read more