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TAG: Weed Avengers

Keep crabgrass and goosegrass in check

June 30, 2020By
Crabgrass (Photo: James H. Miller & Ted Bodner, Southern Weed Science Society,

Experts from Corteva Agriscience and Nufarm describe the best practices lawn care operators can use to combat crabgrass and goosegrass. read more

How to knock down nutsedge

March 11, 2020By
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Yellow nutsedge can be found in regions throughout the U.S., especially in temperate climates, says Aaron Hathaway, technical services manager at Nufarm. Hathaway, Mike Sisti, golf and lawn care market manager at FMC Professional Solutions, and Eric Reasor, Ph.D., southeast research scientist at PBI-Gordon Corp., explain the best ways to identify and control yellow nutsedge. Identification A perennial grassy weed,... read more

Combatting hop cover

October 9, 2019By
Hop clover (Photo:

Lawn care operators can spot hop clover by its lemony-yellow flower and oval-shaped leaves that are grouped in threes. “Identification is the key,” says Jason Fausey, director of technical services at Nufarm. “Hop clover is often misidentified with common yellow woodsorrel, which also has a yellow flower but has heart-shaped leaves.” As hop clover is a true annual, lawn care... read more

Weed avengers: Identifying wild violet

May 31, 2019By
Wild violet (Photo:

Wild violet isn’t always viewed as a troublesome weed. In fact, some homeowners might even encourage the growth of these petite (usually) purple blooms. However, a large patch of wild violet growing in the middle of an otherwise well-manicured lawn is typically seen as a problem. Wild violet is a low-growing perennial weed commonly found in damp woods, meadows and... read more