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TAG: Weed Control

Before the new year, get to know these emerging insects and weeds

December 26, 2022By
While it’s not a turf pest, the spotted lanternfly is a major nuisance to ornamental plantings experts say. (Photo: arlutz73/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images)

With a new year and a new growing season quickly approaching, get the scoop on some different weeds and insects that are on the move. read more

Foamstream offers landscape pros herbicide-free weed control solution

November 25, 2022By

Dustun Rosdail of Foamstream explains what the foam-based weed control is and how industry pros can add the product into their toolbelt. read more

Scout now to prevent summer weeds from being a problem next year

October 25, 2022By
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As summer turns to fall, turf managers turn their attention to scouting for weeds and must take steps now to prevent them from being a problem next year. read more

How to identify and prevent crabgrass and goosegrass

February 17, 2022By
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Experts say it’s important to think about weed prevention, offering tips to treat crabgrass and goosegrass, so you’re ready for this green season. read more

Weed Avengers: How to manage nutsedge

June 14, 2021By
Nutsedge often has a lime-green color and grows about twice as quickly as regular turfgrass. (Photo courtesy of PBI-Gordon Corporation)

Two lawn care operators, Adam Linnemann and Jeffrey Juchnowicz, share do’s and don’ts for identifying and treating the aggressive weed, nutsedge. read more

How to combat white clover

April 23, 2021By
White clover (Photo:

Lawn care professionals battling clover don’t consider themselves very lucky. White clover is a broadleaf weed found in warm- and cool-season turfgrass. It can tolerate a wide range of mowing heights and environments and is a perennial, so it will persist from year to year. The good news is resistance to pre- or postemergent herbicides has not been observed in... read more