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The old college try

April 17, 2013By

There’s a lot to be learned from student business owners who have found success. Wesley Chiles was young enough to have a lemonade stand. After all, he was 10 years old making $35 in cash mowing a neighbor’s yard. At age 12, he got his first riding mower. He was too young to drive a car, yet he suddenly found... read more

April 2013 Web Extra: Back to school

April 11, 2013By

10 tips from student business owners featured in our April cover story “Persevere, be afraid to quit, have a willingness to work hard and continuously focus on the dollars and cents.”—Craig Ruppert, CEO and founder of Ruppert Landscape, Laytonsville, Md. “First of all, be a man of your word. That sums it all up. If you make a promise to... read more