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Get grubs gone

October 10, 2019By
Taking a preventive approach to dealing with grubs is often the most effective control method. Photo: Bayer

Here are a few tips for controlling European chafers and Japanese beetles, two prevalent types of grubs lawn care operators may encounter. read more

What you should know about white grubs

March 22, 2019By

Aside from knowing that white grubs wreak havoc on lawns, there’s a lot to learn about these little larvae. read more

Got grubs?

December 9, 2014By

Check out this cheat sheet to help you determine if you should treat for white grubs and how.     A word on irrigation… Regardless of the control product or approach (preventive or curative), all grub control treatments must be watered in with sufficient irrigation or rainfall, says Chris Williamson, Ph.D., turfgrass and ornamental specialist, University of Wisconsin-Madison. read more