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Weighing in on wellness

June 10, 2012By

I’ve spent most of my married life — the past 20 years — dodging our bathroom scale. In ducking this weighty issue, I’ve spawned a virtual Dockers store: My closet now is overflown with dozens of pants spanning 34-, 36-, 38-, 40-, 42- and 44-inch waists. My mother has lovingly nudged me to lose weight for years. But her latest... read more

Honesty always rings true

September 1, 2010By

Remember what it was like to possess unbridled honesty? For many of us adults, it’s been decades. Unbridled honesty is what made “Liar, Liar” — the 1997 comedy in which Jim Carrey played an attorney who can’t help but speak his mind and tell the truth at every turn — so appealing at the box office. On a daily basis,... read more

Role reversal and the Age of Necessity

July 1, 2010By

It’s the circle of life. As our children grow into adults and we grow into grandparents, we hope our children remember at least some of the things we did for them and lend us a hand during our times of need. The world’s economy is no different. Welcome to seniorhood, America. “Nine out of 10 people under the age of... read more

Do you have multiple personalities?

March 1, 2010By

In 2004, archaeologists digging in Israel unearthed the earliest evidence to date of the controlled use of fire — charred wood and seeds — at a site dating back 790,000 years. At least one academic believes this pivotal use of fire originated in part thanks to the proliferation of multiple personalities. “I believe fire was discovered by a group of... read more

Homeless, but not hopeless

March 1, 2010By

Chris Gardner, author of the best-selling autobiography ‘The Pursuit of Happyness,’ shares his street smarts with Green Industry professionals. Every time I see the movie ‘The Pursuit of Happyness,’ I’m absolutely amazed. How did those people spend $70 million to tell a story about what I did with nothing?” half-jokes Chris Gardner, who penned the same-named rags-to-riches autobiography on which... read more

Let’s not re-enact ‘Lord of the Flies’

February 1, 2010By

Ever read “Lord of the Flies,” or seen one of the two flicks based on the novel? I only ask because some within the Green Industry have forgotten the book’s golden message. In the allegorical novel by Nobel Prize-winning author William Golding, a group of British schoolboys descend into savagery after being marooned on a deserted island. It’s a lesson... read more