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Weed Avengers: How to tackle turf foes

April 14, 2021By
While violets are used commonly as groundcover they can escape to invade turfgrass areas. (Photo courtesy of PBI-Gordon Corp.)

Dallisgrass, clover, ground ivy and wild violet are some tough weeds lawn care operators face but experts share what to keep in mind to control them. read more

Weed avengers: Identifying wild violet

May 31, 2019By
Wild violet (Photo:

Wild violet isn’t always viewed as a troublesome weed. In fact, some homeowners might even encourage the growth of these petite (usually) purple blooms. However, a large patch of wild violet growing in the middle of an otherwise well-manicured lawn is typically seen as a problem. Wild violet is a low-growing perennial weed commonly found in damp woods, meadows and... read more