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WinField launches satellite imagery platform for turf managers

February 14, 2017By

WinField United Professional Products Group (PPG) launched the GeoTech insight platform—a satellite imagery program. The company is hosting a live demo of the technology on Feb. 21 at noon Central. The platform uses imagery from satellites, airplanes and drones to help turf managers: Identify and document plant health concerns; Assign people to problem areas; Design corrective solutions; Make accurate input... read more

WinField Academy 2015 schedule released

August 3, 2015By

WinField released the schedule for the 2015 WinField Academy, a series of interactive development courses for professionals in the golf, lawn, sports turf, ornamental, pest control, aquatics and vegetation management industries. WinField Academy events feature live interactive learning, product testing and tutorials, giving professionals experience, training and insight that goes beyond the state-required CEUs, which is required to boost bottom line... read more

WinField: Aquicare Wetting Agent

June 7, 2013By

Aquicare wetting agent from WinField helps irrigation practices by preventing localized dry spot conditions and rehydrating water repellent soils. Offering both preventative and curative relief, Aquicare helps reduce surface tension of the water droplets to make water wetter, improving infiltration of water. It is also designed to resist excessive water retention on the soil surface, while maintaining optimal moisture levels in the root zone to provide... read more